GoFundMe Tour Support Campaign Launched


Hello friends! You might have noticed a new page to the left underneath "Store". I have set up a GoFundMe account. Last year we made some exciting progress signing a recording contract with Lanark Records. I have been writing originals for the forthcoming record and I'm happy to say that I've got some good songs that I can't wait to get rolling! On the flip side, there are are some financial road blocks that I need to overcome to help get the new album recorded which is why I have decided to start a GoFundMe campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds to help buy a roadworthy band van and to help cover other tour expenses not only to make the trip to Lancaster, PA to record, but to continue spreading the music to our favorite cities and all the places we haven't got to yet. Making a donation is safe and easy! Check out the safety and security page here. http://www.gofundme.com/safety Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. Help me come to your neck of the woods, I cant wait to see you there!


Molly Sue Signs with Lanark Records!!


LANCASTER, PA (June 16th, 2014) Lanark Records is pleased to announce the signing of Molly Sue Gonzalez & The Mean, Mean Men. From her early performing days as a teen in Hammondsville, OH opening for diverse artists such as Ronnie Milsap, Air Supply, Randy Travis & KC & The Sunshine Band to teaming up with bass player and band leader Vincent Wynne in 2011, Gonzalez has been tearing up the modern Rockabilly scene. Not only do they frequently play to enthusiastic crowds in their Nashville, TN hometown, they continue to tour all over the United States. The band’s name is a nod to the classic Wanda Jackson tune (“Mean, Mean Man”) and their style is in a similar groove to the Queen of Rockabilly. 

Quentin Jones (The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, The Rockats, Robert Gordon, Charlie Gracie, etc.) will be producing the new project due this Fall. The album will be a mixture of covers and originals and recorded with the famed “Sanco 500 process” for the cleanest highs and the warmest lows that Lanark has become known for. “I am thrilled to be working with Molly Sue Gonzalez & The Mean, Mean Men”, says Jones. “They are the hard-working kind of people that I want to continue to build this label around.”

Check them out on their Lanark Records page: http://lanarkrecords.net/lanark-artists/molly-sue-gonzalez-and-the-mean-mean-men/


Big Announcement Coming Soon!!


Hi everyone!  We are very close to announcing some very exciting news!!  We are also about to head out on a brief tour up the East coast.  We hope to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones too.


Australia Review!


Super excited about our first international review, and from Australia no less!!


"Save Me" video coming June 1st!!!


Look for the official video of "Save Me" on June 1st.  We had a major blast shooting the video and we want to especially thank East Side Manor Studio for allowing us to basically have one hell of a party there, as well as our videographer Jeff Wyatt Wilson.  Jeff is a pleasure to work with, and he manages to always capture something magical.


"Save Me" out June 18th!


Our version of "Save Me" is out on June 18.  This song has an interesting history.  It was first recorded by Ray Sharpe as "Help Me," with overdubbed guitar parts played by Jimi Hendrix.  In 1967, Aretha re-wrote the lyrics and tweaked the arrangement (eliminating the Hendrix guitar parts) and released the song called "Save Me."  Our version of "Save Me" is faithful to Aretha's version, aside from changing the key from E to D, and adding a guitar solo.  We wanted a modern rock vibe while also maintaining a vintage vibe, and we are very proud of our version.  We hope you enjoy it!!


New Single June 18th!!


We are excited to announce that our new single will be released on June 18th.  It's a re-make of a great Aretha Franklin rarity, but we're keeping the title under wraps for now.  

Look for the official video release around June 4th.  Stay tuned!


New Record, Live at the White Horse


Hello everyone!  We just returned from a great run up and down the East coast.  Highlights included our first ever show in NYC (what an adventure!), the discovery of one of Hampton Taphouse--one of the finest venues along the East coast owed in large part to chef and entertainment buyer Peter Pittman, and a helluva good time in Raleigh, NC opening for Dex Romweber!!  We also would like to recognize our touring guitarist for this last run of shows, Larry Garvin.  Larry's featured on our new single "Bad Example," and what a joy it was to tour with him for 10 days.  We're looking forward to more tours with Larry.

The new record is almost official!!  Live at the White Horse will be released on February 19.  We are very proud of this record for several reasons.  First, the live material was recorded entirely at a fantastic venue in Black Mountain, NC called White Horse.  The sound technician there captured, to our amazement, performances that we were all proud to release to the public.  Our good friend and amazing guitar player Gary Roadarmel was with us on that tour, and he is the featured guitar player on the live songs.  As a bonus track, we included our new single "Bad Example," the only studio track on the record.  We are very excited about this record, and we hope you enjoy it as well.  Purchase hard copy CDs via CDBaby and digital downloads will be available via all major digital outlets.

"Bad Example" is available to all Triple A radio station Program Directors, and we are already getting a fair amount of spins in Knoxville on WFIV.  We owe a huge THANK YOU to WFIV for being the first station to spin the new single.  Please request the song if you have an independent radio station in your area.

That's all for now.  We are back on tour in May.  We'll be hitting the East coast once again, making some return visits to venues we have played before.  We can't wait to hit the road again!!

Until then we hope you will purchase our records, the money will help us get on the road to play a town near you.


Bad Example


The video has been out on Youtube for nearly 2 weeks and we couldn't be more pleased at the response it is getting. Nearly 2,000 views in just two weeks!! In the coming days the song will be available for all Triple A radio stations to add to their playlists, so please call your local Triple A radio station and request "Bad Example"!!  Thanks everyone!!




Even though we aren't playing shows in December, we did manage to get a little work done.  We finished shooting the video for our original song "Bad Example," and it's now in the editing room with our amazing videographer Jeff Wyatt Wilson.  Look for the premier of the video to air the first week of January.  

The song "Bad Example" will be included as a bonus track to our forthcoming live record, which we think will be released at the end of February.  A little bit about the live record: we were very lucky to have our good friend Gary Roadarmel play guitar with us on our last tour up the East coast.  The last night of the tour was in Black Mountain, NC at a great venue called White Horse.  The soundman recorded the show, and he captured what we believe is one of our best performances to date.  So we're releasing it.  This also provides us with a great way to release the single, "Bad Example," complete with a video.

So come January 1 we'll be hard at work again, preparing for a February tour and the release of a live record!  We're excited for 2013!  


The First Record Review!!


I'm writing from a hotel room in Charlottesville, VA where the fall colors are still popping nicely.  Last night, after a long day of driving and a 3 hour show, we were informed that our first record review had been posted on rockabillyromp.com, a respected site devoted to all things Rockabilly.  We couldn't be more pleased!!!  And what a nice way to end a long day.  Here's the direct link:



We're off to Norfolk, VA in a bit to play a show tonight at the Norfolk Tap House.


Debut Album Out Now!


Our debut record called "Under the Influence" is out and available to purchase worldwide!!  CDs can be purchased from CD Baby and digital purchases can be made via all major digital outlets.  We'll be posting a direct link to our CD Baby page very soon.


Debut Record Out Nov. 6!!!


Well, we had a BLAST filming our first ever video to an unreleased original song called "Bad Example."  The plan for now is to include the video at the end of our record trailer, which we expect will be all finished and ready to post for your viewing pleasure by the end of November.  (A few photos of the shoot will pop on Facebook in a few days.)  We'd like to give a very special thanks to our videographer/filmmaker Jeff Wyatt Wilson, a brilliant filmmaker and an even better human being.  We'd also like to thank Gregg St John and Charlie Bob's restaurant for allowing us to film in there incredibly awesome vintage diner.

For now we are busily preparing ourselves for a brief tour up the Eastern part of the US, in celebration of the debut release called "Under the Influence."  Tour dates are listed in the "Shows" section of the website.  We hope to see you at a show!!  

We'd like to also remind everyone that our good friend and singer-songwriter Gary Roadarmel will be joining us on guitar for this little tour.  Gary has many records of his own out, most with his former band Porter Hall TN, and you can be sure we'll be playing a handful of his great songs as well.  So we hope to see a bunch of Gary's fans out there as well.


Video Shoot!


We're shooting a video for our unreleased song "Bad Example" this Thursday Nov. 1 at Charlie Bob's.  The shoot is from 10pm-midnight.  This is not a show.  It's a video shoot.  We need extras!!  We're asking everyone who might want to be included in this video shoot to come down and bring your dancin shoes!!  Be there by 10:30pm please.  




Well, we stayed up quite late last Thursday (Oct 24, 2012) night tracking an original song, called "Bad Example."  It's sounding better than we imagined, and we're excited to have our good friend Larry Garvin on rhythm and lead guitar for this song.  Now on to mixing.  More on this to come!